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How We’ll Work Together


The process of writing your history will be pleasant and require very little work on your part. Your participation centers on a series of interviews –- relaxed, guided conversations where you’ll reminisce about the various phases of your work life. We’ll ask you to reflect on your challenges, greatest accomplishments, key decision points, and other significant matters.

At the end of these interviews, we’ll build a unique portrait of your business or organization, organized chronologically or by essential themes. Your insight will create a bridge to the next generation of leaders, built on stories of the people and events that made your organization what it is today. 

 We’ll take care of all the details:

  • interviewing key staff and other contributors
  • researching community history
  • writing the narrative
  • reviewing drafts with an individual or committee
  • illustrating the final narrative with photos and important documents
  • designing the book
  • overseeing printing and binding

Of course you’ll have complete decision-making authority over all content.